Are you planning to visit beautiful beach holidays? Here you must know these tips

When you decide to go to Koh Samui on vacation for the first time, the choice of accommodation becomes a priority. All kinds of questions arise, what kind of hotel to choose in Samui? Staying in a single resort or staying in more than one establishment during your stay, luxury or charming hotel, modern or exotic architecture, by the sea or inland? Rather family or large hotel chain filled with tourists, far from the noise and crowds or in the heart of local life, which area of the island to opt for, what kind of rooms, how many nights, in what order of price, which services are offered, is there a Spa, and for children, what kind of activities are offered, what about the shops nearby? To give you the better idea this link has various information that you seek for.

Why village resorts in Samui?

Whether you are single, couple, family or with a group of friends, whatever you are looking for, above all, comfort and well-being or on the contrary, the authentic and rustic, in the vein of backpackers and others backpackers with bungalows, lodges, guesthouses or hostels at low prices and including the bare minimum as to amenities. Whether you are attracted by high-class establishments with a setting, you get a warm welcome and a 5-star service or more simply, a standard hotel but close to nightlife and leisure (restaurants, Beach Clubs, bars, nightclubs). Whether you choose for your children or want to end your honeymoon in a dream location, near the most beautiful beaches of the South of the Land of Smiles, after several stages by plane, you will find your happiness in Koh Samui, no doubt.

Koh Samui 5 Places To Visit

Why Samui?

However, never forget that the best hotel on the island is the one that will match you as well in terms of personal preferences as budget. Therefore, take the time to search, document or compare. And know that according to the times of the year when you want to leave, you can get a very good discount (especially in low season: from April to the end of June and from mid-September to mid-December). Regarding the hotels and Resorts of Koh Samui, you can put them in 3 categories, Thai hotels, Charming hotels and Luxury hotels. Among them the village resort hotels are famous in Samui that you can find on that link above.

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