Koh Samui is the best place for tourist destination: but where will you stay?

For all travelers who want to spend less money in accommodation and prefer to save for the outings, the visits and the many activities and leisure‚Äôs that offer Koh Samui, while wishing to impregnate the local culture, there are many wooden bungalows or hard houses at low prices. They are scattered all over the island, in the main seaside resorts but also in the southern areas. Not to mention the island’s administrative capital, Nathon, this is also the main pier of the island. Here in this link, http://www.axolotlvillage.com/ you can get the details of the most visited and famous hotel in Koh Samui, settle by the beach and warmed y the Sun.

Why you visit Koh Samui?

These places are, generally, rather well maintained with a minimum of comfort (room with TV, storage, shower room), while Wi-Fi, sheets and towels are provided. Internet, water and electricity may be extra or included in the rates. Count 350 Baht and 1500 Baht per night depending on the type of accommodation, its location, the time of year and the services offered. They are found in more or less remote corners of the city center, beachfront or inland. Led, for the greatest number, by Thais, it is better to book, both these Resorts are stormed. However, once there, you can do “door to door” and inquire directly to the Manager or owner.

Hostels and Backpacks

Koh Samui is also the hostel, mainly in the North and North-East areas of Koh Samui (from Maenam to Lamai, via Bophut, Bang Rak, Plai Laem, Choeng Mon), but also more sparsely, in the south and southwest of the island. These establishments are popular with backpackers and other backpackers from around the world, most of them young people, traveling with backpacks and pursuing journeys across the Smile Country on a budget. Equipped with dormitories including 4 or 6 bunk beds comfort is Spartan, but hygiene is generally respected.

Koh Samui 2017 Trip

Charming hotels: a family looks

These Resorts are very popular with most travelers. The reasons are simple and varied such as remarkable reception, quality services, great comfort, competitive and reasonable rates, and very good geographical location. In these small cottages, you will find everything you need to spend the best holidays possible, whether in couple or family. Generally, the architecture of these establishments is harmonious, following the style of the island, decorated with materials that are reminiscent of the natural assets of Koh Samui such as weaving, bamboo, coconut wood, and polished concrete.

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